ERO System Ireland Ruled Unconstitional

“In the landmark decision delivered by Mr Justice Kevin Feeney on July 7th, the High Court ruled that the ERO system is unconstitutional. The judgment is far reaching and has ramifications not just for employees in the catering sector and other sectors governed by 13 EROs currently in existence, but the wider landscape of Irish industrial relations.

This decision clearly has ramifications for other sectors in the economy, including the contract cleaning, agriculture and hotel sectors, which are governed by the ERO system. The judgment will also impact on the constitutional challenge to the ERO system for agricultural workers which was launched by the owners of Coolmore Stud and Ballydoyle training facility in May.
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Succession Planning Passing on the Family Business

As experienced business and taxation advisors we see firsthand the practical difficulties in successfully transferring the family business to the next generation. Much of it comes from lack of communication and planning. Research shows that only 25% of family businesses successfully pass onto the next generations. However, if succession is looked on as an opportunity for capitalising on the goodwill the business founder has built up over the years things can work out very nicely if the correct steps are taken.
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