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How to Start a Successful Business

Starting a business can be a pretty daunting and challenging experience whilst at the same time a most rewarding one if it’s done right. Discipline, rigor, and hard work are most definitely required. There are ways of greatly increasing your chances of success, some of which I will touch on in this article.

Firstly, make sure you have the full support of your nearest and dearest. Decide how you intend to manage your personal commitments and put the necessary arrangements in place.

You need to complete a business plan. Look at different types
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Jack Welch – Straight from the gut

Just read Jack Welch’s Straight from the gut again for a second time recently and it’s such a great book. Jack retired in 2001 from GE after 20 years as CEO where he lead the organisation through rapid growth over that time. The book is full of valuable advice and tips for any aspiring or successful business leader. There’s so many interesting war stories in the book and lessons to be learnt from them from his days as GE’s CEO .
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